The Agosta High Performance Hockey Academy offers boys and girls of all ages the opportunity to learn the game of hockey while concentrating specifically on skating with and without the puck.


Skating is the most important skill in the game of hockey at every level. At the Academy, skating is the number one focus; therefore, skill development in other critical areas such as puck handling will improve tremendously.


Your participation in the Agosta's High Performance Hockey Academy will improve your skating skills, build more confidence in your game, and increase your overall hockey knowledge base making you a more valuable member of your team.

Campers will be assisted to take their game to the next level by improving:

  • Skating skills, speed, strength, and power (inside & outside edges, forward, backward, pivots, crossovers, agility)
  • Skating techniques
  • Shooting accuracy and strength

At the Agosta's High Performance Hockey Academy, it is recognized that every player is different and provide the opportunity for individualized instruction. The talented coaching staff will assess your areas of strength and develop a specific training methodology for the areas requiring the most development.

At the conclusion of the Agosta's High Performance Hockey Acadamy you will be a more complete player.


$565 per player (including taxes)


3 Hours of Ice Daily, Total Weekly Ice Time 15 Hours

45 MINUTES Work on Skating ( forwards, backwards, crossovers, and pivots )

  • Improve Agility and Balance
  • Speed, Power and Explosiveness
  • Proper Skating Techniques 45 MINUTES Work on Skills
  • Shooting – Different Shots
  • Passing
  • Reading and Reacting In Game Like Situations
  • Building Confidence In Your Puck Skills 45 MINUTES On Ice Group Sessions
  • Breakdown of Specific Skills 45 MINUTES Teaching Scrimmage

  • Different Circuits
  • Explain The Importance Of Warm Ups And Cool Downs
  • Have A Great Indoor Playing Field For Different Activities

  • Special Guest Speakers
  • Instructional And Entertainment Videos
July 11th-15th, 2022
WFCU Centre

8787 McHugh St.
Windsor, ON N8S 0A1

Youth Group

Ages 7 -11

8:00 am Arrive
9:00 am ON ICE
10:30 am Undress
11:00 am OFF ICE
12:00 pm Lunch
12:30 pm Video session
1:00 pm Get dressed
1:30 pm ON ICE
3:00 pm Undress
3:30 pm OFF ICE
4:30 pm Leave

Junior Group

Ages 12 – 16

9:00 am Arrive
9:30 am OFF ICE
10:30 am Get Dressed
11:00 am ON ICE
12:30 pm Undress
1:00 pm Lunch
1:30 pm Video Session
2:00 pm OFF ICE
3:00 pm Get Dressed
3:30 pm ON ICE
5:00 pm Leave

$565 per player (including taxes)

Please pay Registration Fees via Interac e-Transfer® sent to:

The Agosta’s High Performance Hockey Academy is not only a hockey school. Meghan does offer 1-on-1 sessions with all ages. It is the quickest way to learn by having your own personal coach. There are many advantages working 1-on-1 with an instructor.

  • It is more personable where the individual receives more attention.
  • The instructor can give proper assessment of the player’s skills.
  • Custom practices for each individuals needs.
  • You will see an improvement in a short period of time.
  • The individual chooses the dates and times to attend.
  • The individual will achieve short and long term goals by working with an experienced instructor.

If you are interested please contact Meghan at

Meghan Agosta

  • Founder of Hockey School
  • Player of Team Canada – 2005-Present
  • 2018 Olympic Silver Medalist
  • 2014 Olympic Gold Medalist
  • 2006 & 2010 Olympic Gold Medalist
  • Played D1 Hockey at Mercyhurst College 07-11
  • Position: Center/Winger
  • 12 Years of Hockey School Experience

Jeric Agosta

  • Played Pro Hockey For Fussen in Germany
  • Played D1 Hockey at Nebraska Omaha 06-10
  • Position: Center
  • 10 Years of Hockey School Experience